Friday, August 3, 2012

Office meals

I am almost always on the run whenever I work at Dadar. It has something to do with the need to travel and the want for more sleep. So, I end up having my breakfast at the office. Of course, it's not breakfast as in tapsilog meals. It would more or less be like (not all together though!) bread, chips, biscuits, banana, and of course, chai!

chai and marie
And then, as I don't have the time (read: too lazy to cook), I end up ordering something from the nearby hotel (means restaurant or canteen here). And most of the time, I forget to order at 1 or 1:15 so at 1:30-1:45-ish lunch time, I end up not having any food yet. So, what usually happens is I get offered food from my colleagues and then I coerce them (since they're already full) to take some of my food upon its arrival.

See, in India, it is common to share your food with others. So instead of having just one dish, I get to taste like 5-7 different dishes at once. Of course, you'd have to first be comfortable about two things for this to be really fun: first is taking food from others' tiffin and second is having different people take from yours! Plus, using utensils is not very common so you must first learn how to eat with hands!

the office turns into a dining hall, err, floor

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