Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Necessity is the mother of Invention

I am, finally, (almost) out of food stocks! I guess, when you prioritize entertainment spending (aka parties and trips) rather than grocery shopping, you'll eventually end up with an almost zero balance in your account.

As I live on a "good-enough-for-food-and-basic-needs-but-not-for-weekly-parties-and-trips" allowance that gets replenished as arrears (allowance for the month is received on the 1st of the following month), I should be spending my money more wisely. But then again, if the entertainment spending keeps you sane and de-stresses you on the weekend to make you charged up for the weekday, then YES! Entertainment spending should be prioritized! Hahahaha

Anyway, as it is 1st of August today, I would hopefully get my allowance to buy more food stocks coz today, I am almost out! I guess necessity really is the mother of invention. Why I believe so? Coz I managed to prepare breakfast which I otherwise wouldn't have thought of if only I had other ingredients. Hahaha.

Aloo and Soya Waadi sauteed with onion before getting stewed in
tomato and red chili sauce; tea with sugar and creamer from the train;
sweet and salty biscuits; and banana with oreo

But hey, it was still healthy and yes, YUMMY! Oh well. Grocery shopping later!

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