Friday, August 3, 2012

Office meals

I am almost always on the run whenever I work at Dadar. It has something to do with the need to travel and the want for more sleep. So, I end up having my breakfast at the office. Of course, it's not breakfast as in tapsilog meals. It would more or less be like (not all together though!) bread, chips, biscuits, banana, and of course, chai!

chai and marie
And then, as I don't have the time (read: too lazy to cook), I end up ordering something from the nearby hotel (means restaurant or canteen here). And most of the time, I forget to order at 1 or 1:15 so at 1:30-1:45-ish lunch time, I end up not having any food yet. So, what usually happens is I get offered food from my colleagues and then I coerce them (since they're already full) to take some of my food upon its arrival.

Do not drink this coffee...savour it!

Another reason for CCD moment was because I needed to get a new coffee bag as I have ran out weeks ago and I'm desperately in need of caffeine these days.

One coffee bag is worth Rs 65 for the regular one, more or less for the mild or strong versions. But, a black rectangular tin can with "dark forest" words and design caught my eye and the cashier was so convincing. This is hand-picked coffee madam, he said. And I'm like, OK I'll get that. Didn't even put up a fight! Hahaha

Do not drink this coffee...savour it!

I had it this morning and it's good! I think it was less stronger than I expected but perhaps it's because the water and powder ratio was different. Anyway, I'll try again next time!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A different kind of shot

After getting rejected at the foreign tourist quota counter for my train ticket (the clerk said I have an Employment visa so it's not counted), I headed to the nearby CCD (cafe coffee day--it's ala-Starbucks in terms of number of shops but it's much cheaper and coffee is not the same.

There I met Naren, another couch surfer and a good friend (naka naman!!!), and stayed for almost two hours! We talked about different stuff--his raksha bandhan bracelets (given from sister to brother, his included nieces), my stressful work situation recently and computers and websites and CS meet-ups among other things. Oh, about our liking for tweety bird and how rich the angry birds developer must be like!

And, we tried something new! The dessert shots of CCD. As I'm craving for blueberry cheesecake but can't fid any, I got the shots instead! Mango and then Belgian chocolate. It was yum enough, commensurate to the 20rs price tag! And seeing how I lost a lot of weight, Naren was teasing me to get a 1kg cake! Of course, I declined. Gluttony!
Shots plus chili cheese toast

A taste of Sri Lanka - almost!

Earlier in May, I was planning on going for a long holiday south of India and then flying to Sri Lanka. I was really excited about it (and so did Cling who sent me an itinerary!) and even thought of traveling together with co-volunteers Rosie and Sue.

Currently, Sue is back in UK or Austria and I am heading somewhere else for the long leave days vacay! Rosie, AFAIK is still traveling to Sri Lanka and maybe we'd meet her in Chennai. I'm traveling south with Juls, another volunteer based in the east!

I was just reminded of all the Sri Lanka preps as I got a Sri Lanka coffee packet/sachet today from the Urban office. I like the chai here and all but coffee is still what my body really craves for! Especially since reviewing Queen Seon Depk eps kept me up late!

However, pani garmi hai kuch Nahin (or something like that) was the response of the admin guy. Meaning, hot water is not available! Ah, I thought today is Sri Lanka coffee day. Hohum. Oh well, like everything else, I'll have to be patient a bit longer. For now, Indian coffee will do! After 2 chai cups, coffee finally! The things is, though it smells different, I can't differentiate the taste anymore!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Allowance Day Spend Away

So yep, as I mentioned, it's indeed allowance day today! Woohoo!

So, amidst the pouring rain (didn't rain all day and then suddenly...!) I walked from the YUVA training centre to Subway, a good 10-minute exercise. I didn't initially plan on going to Subway. I was thinking of goin to Domino's pizza and then grocery shopping at Big Bazaar. I was actually already walking towards that when I remembered it's Chicken Teriyaki for sub of the day, which I have never tried. Therefore, I walked back and retraced my steps towards the opposite direction! I was thinking, I can have dinner at Subway and then go to More grocery store at Little World. Still a good option.

Going to Subway, I passed by the Java Green Cafe. I've gone there once, to meet fellow CouchSurfer Naren for coffee and chat. I was thinking of goin inside to check if they have blueberry cheesecake since I have been craving for it. But, I decided otherwise. Was also SMS-ing with Sravan and though he is not a dinner-eating person, he decided to go to Subway too and catch-up.

Upon arrival, the cashier guy recognized me with a smile and a nod. See, I've been Subway-ing myself often these days. When I ordered, I asked for Chicken Teriyaki. The guy made it with parmesan oregano bread, toasted with cheese, with all veggies except the chili and with barbeque, sweet onion and black pepper yoghurt sauce.

Yummy Mistake

Necessity is the mother of Invention

I am, finally, (almost) out of food stocks! I guess, when you prioritize entertainment spending (aka parties and trips) rather than grocery shopping, you'll eventually end up with an almost zero balance in your account.

As I live on a "good-enough-for-food-and-basic-needs-but-not-for-weekly-parties-and-trips" allowance that gets replenished as arrears (allowance for the month is received on the 1st of the following month), I should be spending my money more wisely. But then again, if the entertainment spending keeps you sane and de-stresses you on the weekend to make you charged up for the weekday, then YES! Entertainment spending should be prioritized! Hahahaha

Anyway, as it is 1st of August today, I would hopefully get my allowance to buy more food stocks coz today, I am almost out! I guess necessity really is the mother of invention. Why I believe so? Coz I managed to prepare breakfast which I otherwise wouldn't have thought of if only I had other ingredients. Hahaha.

Aloo and Soya Waadi sauteed with onion before getting stewed in
tomato and red chili sauce; tea with sugar and creamer from the train;
sweet and salty biscuits; and banana with oreo

But hey, it was still healthy and yes, YUMMY! Oh well. Grocery shopping later!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Breaking the Fast

Apart from the Muslim community who's fasting this month, so are the devout Hindus who are celebrating a festival real soon. As part of the preparations, fasting is in order.

For some, it's only staying away from non-veg dishes. Of course, for the veg eating population, that would mean as in fasting and skipping meals during certain times of the day.

As I am neither a Muslim nor a Hindu, fasting does not really apply to me--unless I'm on diet that is. Therefore, today's breakfast: dumdaar maggi masala with potato and soya bean waadi, nuts muesli and banana with dried green grapes. Yum!
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