Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Allowance Day Spend Away

So yep, as I mentioned, it's indeed allowance day today! Woohoo!

So, amidst the pouring rain (didn't rain all day and then suddenly...!) I walked from the YUVA training centre to Subway, a good 10-minute exercise. I didn't initially plan on going to Subway. I was thinking of goin to Domino's pizza and then grocery shopping at Big Bazaar. I was actually already walking towards that when I remembered it's Chicken Teriyaki for sub of the day, which I have never tried. Therefore, I walked back and retraced my steps towards the opposite direction! I was thinking, I can have dinner at Subway and then go to More grocery store at Little World. Still a good option.

Going to Subway, I passed by the Java Green Cafe. I've gone there once, to meet fellow CouchSurfer Naren for coffee and chat. I was thinking of goin inside to check if they have blueberry cheesecake since I have been craving for it. But, I decided otherwise. Was also SMS-ing with Sravan and though he is not a dinner-eating person, he decided to go to Subway too and catch-up.

Upon arrival, the cashier guy recognized me with a smile and a nod. See, I've been Subway-ing myself often these days. When I ordered, I asked for Chicken Teriyaki. The guy made it with parmesan oregano bread, toasted with cheese, with all veggies except the chili and with barbeque, sweet onion and black pepper yoghurt sauce.

Yummy Mistake

When I paid in the counter, I even asked to make it a meal with fanta (royal) and double chocolate cookie! I'm like, it's allowance day and it's Sub of the Day so what the hell for the additional Rs. 50! So, to my surprise, when the guy said it's 200 rupees, I'm like, "Really?! Isn't Chicken Teriyaki the sub of the day?!" and he's like, no Ma'am, it's roast chicken! And, to avoid further embarrassing moments, I'm like, "Oh. OK then. No issue!"

That's 65 rupees additional! WTH! Hahaha :) Actually, the roast chicken was on my mind but I thought it's called chicken teriyaki. I should have just said sub of the day! hahaha. Oh well. It was yummy nonetheless so it's still good! :)

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