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Lajpat Nagar (Central Market)

March 15, 2012

Since WE LOVE SHOPPING (not that much since I'm on tight budget but for oneness and solidarity plus the experience, sige na nga!), we headed to Lajpat Nagar aka Central Market where a variety of Salwar Kamees (the top and bottom female attire duo) shops and tailors abound, among other equally essential (for locals) and interesting (for foreigners) finds!

Katie, who lives near here, leads the way
We met with Katie, a Delhi-based volunteer who has been here for 1.5 years (if my memory is right) and who's also the Volunteer Committee President, after getting off at Lajpat Nagar train station (two train rides down from JLN Stadium near ISI).

Do not expect sales ladies at shops!

Even for saree and salwar kamees shops, it's still salesmen!

A lot of shops are selling the same thing. So, if the price is not
right and "Kam Karo" (discount) does not work, next shop's open!
Shops are also advertising themselves as
"specialists" for certain clothing items i.e. sarees,
salwar kamees, kids clothes, etc.
Lajpat Nagar is a very big market (duh, that's why it's called Central Market, isn't it?! haller Gera!) and there's so many shops that like in Divisoria, once you've skipped, you won't remember where it is! Apart from the clothing (which is probably 70% of the market), you can also get fruits, furniture, and electronics, among others that I have seen.

Fruit and veggie shake, anyone?!

Most fruits are same in Phils but there are some
that I've seen here for the first time

We ended up in Sabhyata, which is like a boutique outside the center area. For my budget, especially at first look, the kurtas were a bit pricey. So, I decided to check out the footwear sale downstairs. Again, no salesladies! And, though the guy was helpful enough, he had a poker face. The salesmen at department stores in Philippine malls at least smile their brightest at you, even when you've tried almost every pair! Oh well, I guess another thing I must get used to. Hehehe. Anyway, ended up buying two pairs of sandals (strapped one and a low-cut gladiator-ish thing) for Rs. 598 (PhP 500, more or less). And that was it for me!

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