Sunday, April 1, 2012

Old Delhi Spice Market: a view from the top

March 8, 2012

For some reason, we did not stop at the ground level overview of the spice market. We headed four floors up, through some very steep and not-the-epitome-of-safety kind of stairs of a can-be-classified-as-condemned kind of building. The view, well half of it, was worth the climb.

I wonder why we never saw this plaza while on the ground

The other half, frankly speaking, is not really that bad. Only, it lacks an interesting ingredient: the epic hustle and bustle of the spice market on a day other than Sunday!

Supposedly, the area below should be teeming with bags over bags of spices, filling the air with distinct aromas strong enough to mask an unlovely stench, welcoming an organized chaos of human activity. Oh well, the coin has two sides, ladies and gentleman. This is definitely one of India's! After taking on the good and the bad for a moment or two, we headed downstairs in an almost-hugging-the-wall-just-to-be-safe fashion. Adventure!

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