Sunday, April 1, 2012

Masjid-i Jahan-Numa (Jama Masjid)

March 11, 2012

After the climb, we boarded the rickshaws once more and it brought us to our final monument/place of interest to see for the day--Jama Masjid.
A towering structure in Old Delhi

Jama Masjid (Masjid-i Jahan-Numa), is the principal mosque of Old Delhi and is the largest and most popular mosque in India. 

Of course, another climb!

Another try at panorama
The name Jama Masjid, according to Triposo India travel guide, is a reference to the weekly Friday noon congregation prayers of Muslims (Jummah). Therefore, Jama Masjid can be translated into "congregational mosque).

The Mosque and the complex is so massive that it can hold about 25,000 worshippers. I'll post photos inside the complex (yes, all shots posted were exterior) once I get a copy from Kevin.

Note: Entry to the Mosque is free but there's a charge for the cameras or video recorders. It was Rs. 200 for Kevin's still camera (hence, the need to get from Kevin).

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