Friday, April 6, 2012

Afghan Darbar: the lightness of eating

March 15, 2012

So, after all that shopping (and waiting too!), everyone's feeling hungrier than ever! (I hope they won't deny it! hahaha)

Katie recommended an Afghan restaurant, outside the central area of Lajpat Nagar, which she said has among the best breads (or did she use wonderful?!) she has tried and is of reasonable prices. Of course, I knew nothing about Afghan food so it was a very exciting opportunity for me! YUM!

Since we don't really know what to order, we just asked Katie for the best ones and decided to have two veg and one non-veg dishes for our table (made up of five ladies). I forgot to check (snoop!) on what the other table ordered (two ladies and two guys). We ordered an eggplant dish, a spinach dish (best-seller), and a chicken dish. That with the bread and a plate of rice!

Eggplant Dish (with yoghurt on top)
Unfortunately, they ran out of the spinach dish (told ya it's a best-seller!) and all the other veg dishes except the eggplant one. So, two eggplant plates for us!

THE bread. Bow. :) It's like pizza dough/crust. I liked it BUT
I won't exchange butter naan for it. Hehe
The chicken dish attracted us from the menu as it is supposed to be made with Afghan spices. Interesting right, to taste how different their spices are with the Indian ones. The thing is, we didn't realize it was a soup dish!

Just like "Tinola" without the veg ingredients and ginger taste
So, when it was served, we were like: "Oh. Ok." hahaha. :) It was also kinda red, which in Philippine standards would have been returned to the kitchen, so that made me have second thoughts. The hunger and the curiosity got the better of me though so I did what I do best: EAT!

We made a vow to return here for the spinach dish, since it was really advertised as a best-seller and must-try! Check out the second post on Afghan Darbar to find out if we did get to be like Popeye!

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