Friday, March 23, 2012

Humps, holes and everything in between

March 11, 2012

After the Jalebi treat, Maeve arranged for rickshaws (aka pedicab in Pinas) to take us from this section to the spice market. The road was kinda bumpy and traffic rules generally don't apply. We were literally holding on for dear life as our driver made its way through the busy streets!

Julie, Angie and our driver

This is either a mosque or perhaps a Muslim
office building (the dome on top made me feel so)

Walking around Chandni Chowk

March 11, 2011

Oh yes. After eating, there has to be another set of walking! It was a Sunday so there aren't a lot of open shops and all but there's still things going on in this "market".

"aromatic" alleyways

Basically, the shops are mostly in the same area (aka all wedding stuff together, bangles and jewelries in another, sarees and kurta in another section, and so on. This actually smelled like Baclaran, smoke, trash and open sewers. Interesting though, the things you get to see. Well, kind of. :p

Maeve was explaining something here. I did not hear it though. Dang!

Parantha at Chandni Chowk

March 11, 2012

Yep! It's the trip to Old Delhi (aka Chandni Chowk) organized (and funded) by VSO. Yey! We have Maeve, Melania and Drew (current volunteers based in Delhi) to tour us around. And of course, first stop (about 1045-ish), is food!

Queue of locals is actually a good sign for eating places

Again, there is a queue. So, yep. We were hoping it was something good. I mean, the place wouldn't pass the health and sanitation test/permit (even for Philippine standards) but hey, this place is so famous that it has been in Old Delhi for five generations. Amazing, right?!

Looks can be deceiving or Don't judge the book by its cover
are actually very applicable!

Hotel Saravana Bhavan (South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant)

March 10, 2012

While we were walking, searching for a place to eat, there's this guy who chatted with the other volunteers and said he'd take us to a very nice restaurant. We knew he would be expecting a tip from the restaurant or us afterwards. I'm not generalizing. But you kinda have to figure out how things work around here. :)

Anyway, the place where he brought us was kinda expensive. So, it was a no for us. Then, another guy came up to us and said there's another nice restaurant that's like really famous around the area. So, he took us there as well. You'll have to understand that I am constantly eating (or perceived to be) so by this time (ad after the amount of walking we have done), I was already really hungry. Alas! The place was famous indeed. There's a long waiting list for people who wants to dine at the Hotel Saravana Bhavan.

Chris always says: if it's worth queuing for,
it must be really good!

Central Park at Connaught Place

March 10, 2012

After the Nehru Place shopping, we decided it's time for lunch. And, since it's quite a popular landmark, we decided to go to Connaught Place (Rajiv Chowk) which is quite a few stops through the Metro. 

Central Secretariat station (or was it Connaught already?!)

We had to change lines through the Central Secretariat, which is like the intersection of three (or is it all five) Metro lines. It's quite a busy station.

Upon exiting the Rajiv Chowk station and heading above ground, you'd really
realize how busy the place is. The yellow and green vehicles are called auto
 (auto rickshaw aka tuktuk). At the background is the Central Park which is kind
of a big roundabout. You won't miss it in any of the Delhi maps. For sure!

Nehru Place: computer and electronics hub

March 10, 2012

Our actual destination for the metro ride was Nehru Place, which is supposedly the IT-hub aka place where you get all your computer-related stuff. We all bought surge protectors for our laptops, gadgets and other electronic devices as precaution against the surges during the power cuts. I got a wireless mouse as well coz I left mine in the Philippines. Total damage, Rs. 800. Ouch!

View from the Nehru Place train station (ISKCON Temple)

Lotus temple, also called Baha'i temple, caters to all faiths

Panoramic view outside Nehru Place Metro Station

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Metro Ride

March 10, 2012

Since we are wandering souls (well, something like that), we decided to spend the day in the city center and busy spots through the Metro (aka MRT/LRT in the Philippines). I think there are five lines of trains (color-coded)  going around Delhi. Most of the stations are underground, like Singapore minus the orderliness, and also has some art in it (again, not as artsy as SG). I wouldn't even give you a 1-10 scoring as compared to the ones we have in the Philippines coz you'd probably just feel frustrated about it.

This station was about 1.5km away from us. There's another,
the one we should have taken, which is like 500m away. Exercise!

My hand looks so long! This is an electronic
token that you tap (upon entry) and put in a slot
(upon exit). Reloadable cards are also available.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Holi Ke Geet (Holi song and dance celebration)

March 8, 2012

More Holi celebration at the India Habitat Center through another round of performances from Dr. Sangeeta Gaur. Dubbed as "Holi Ke Geet", the band played several traditional Indian music from melancholic-sounding to really clap-worthy upbeat ones.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

March 8, 2012

See the Turban? It's actually part of the Sikh religion
The tuktuk driver wanted to take us to his place of worship, the Guruwara Bangla Sahib. He is a Sikh, a follower of Sikhism. He wears a turban, like all the Sikh men. Sikhs are not allowed to cut their hair or beard. Women needs to cover our head before we are allowed to enter. I think Uncle (tuktuk driver) is quite a respected man in this Gurduwara!

The temple is open 24/7 with Ragis
(hymn singers) singing non-stop (shifting)
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