Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Metro Ride

March 10, 2012

Since we are wandering souls (well, something like that), we decided to spend the day in the city center and busy spots through the Metro (aka MRT/LRT in the Philippines). I think there are five lines of trains (color-coded)  going around Delhi. Most of the stations are underground, like Singapore minus the orderliness, and also has some art in it (again, not as artsy as SG). I wouldn't even give you a 1-10 scoring as compared to the ones we have in the Philippines coz you'd probably just feel frustrated about it.

This station was about 1.5km away from us. There's another,
the one we should have taken, which is like 500m away. Exercise!

My hand looks so long! This is an electronic
token that you tap (upon entry) and put in a slot
(upon exit). Reloadable cards are also available.

India is really big on security. Like in MRT/LRT,
there's a bag and body check. The thing is, unlike
in Manila, these are done electronically here in Delhi
(as in x-ray machine thing for bags and mall-like entry
gates for people; men and women are separated)
We were on the yellow line at first (supposed
to be in the purple line). Anyway, see the pink
sticker on the floor? That's a marker for the women's
car, just like in Manila. The difference is that
while we have a 3-car train division, the trains
here are just kind of divided but continuous.
Chris and Kevin pointing at our train stop!
(aka goofing around!)

Since there are different color-coded lines, the
station has color-coded directions as well. And,
footprints!!! This was just so cute!

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