Friday, March 23, 2012

Humps, holes and everything in between

March 11, 2012

After the Jalebi treat, Maeve arranged for rickshaws (aka pedicab in Pinas) to take us from this section to the spice market. The road was kinda bumpy and traffic rules generally don't apply. We were literally holding on for dear life as our driver made its way through the busy streets!

Julie, Angie and our driver

This is either a mosque or perhaps a Muslim
office building (the dome on top made me feel so)

Amanda and Drew

Angie and Julie

Rickshaws waiting for passengers
 After the spice market tour-ish thing, we headed to the Jama Masjid, the oldest in Asia.

Our driver seemed to be in a competition
with the TukTuk!

Saree and garments for sale!

Road to Jama Masjid

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  1. Hey I have been following your blog for some time & found it pretty interesting, especially the part where you describe the daily activities such as eating & office work with such finesse..
    PS : The building in the second picture is actually a Sikh Temple which goes by the name Sis Ganj, you might like to visit it, its beautiful inside!! (for your reference I visited there sometime back & quickly wrote a post about it -


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