Friday, March 23, 2012

Central Park at Connaught Place

March 10, 2012

After the Nehru Place shopping, we decided it's time for lunch. And, since it's quite a popular landmark, we decided to go to Connaught Place (Rajiv Chowk) which is quite a few stops through the Metro. 

Central Secretariat station (or was it Connaught already?!)

We had to change lines through the Central Secretariat, which is like the intersection of three (or is it all five) Metro lines. It's quite a busy station.

Upon exiting the Rajiv Chowk station and heading above ground, you'd really
realize how busy the place is. The yellow and green vehicles are called auto
 (auto rickshaw aka tuktuk). At the background is the Central Park which is kind
of a big roundabout. You won't miss it in any of the Delhi maps. For sure!

Delhi, though India's capital state, remains to be green. It's
a lot like Manila minus the green parks and colorful gardens.

I guess this is an amphitheater of some sort. A lot of Indians like lazing in the sun
though it's mid-day. The temperature was quite low even at the afternoon hours.
This scenario is the same in other parks and gardens. I dunno why!

So many birds everywhere! Most are pigeons but there are
hawks and crows in some places as well. Parrots and parakeets
if you are lucky. :)

Looks familiar?! Hahaha. parang Luneta lang!
I was kind of culture shocked with this though.
Maybe it's because I've always thought of India
as a very conservative country, especially on
relationships and intimacies.

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