Friday, March 23, 2012

Walking around Chandni Chowk

March 11, 2011

Oh yes. After eating, there has to be another set of walking! It was a Sunday so there aren't a lot of open shops and all but there's still things going on in this "market".

"aromatic" alleyways

Basically, the shops are mostly in the same area (aka all wedding stuff together, bangles and jewelries in another, sarees and kurta in another section, and so on. This actually smelled like Baclaran, smoke, trash and open sewers. Interesting though, the things you get to see. Well, kind of. :p

Maeve was explaining something here. I did not hear it though. Dang!

I just like the design. :)

We then went to the Jain Temple. Strictly no leather stuff allowed. I did not really understand much of what the "tour guide" guy upstairs was saying except for the "old" and "gold". Sorry about that. They have a lot of old and gold statues and paintings though, in case you're interested on that kind of stuff.

Ground floor of Jain temple which is kinda like
antique shop/museum/storage room
according to the other volunteers

There is no entrance fee and the tip for the guide is not compulsory. But, at the end of it all, you'll still have to cough up money coz a) the guide literally asked us and b) the official donation person kind of did the same as well. So, better have your 10 rupee notes ready!

A busier and wider street (sorry, blurry)

Jalebi!!! Imagine the honey glaze in Krispy Kreme. That's what
it is like, only more watery (aka sugary). Sold by the grams/kilo 'pre!

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