Friday, March 23, 2012

Parantha at Chandni Chowk

March 11, 2012

Yep! It's the trip to Old Delhi (aka Chandni Chowk) organized (and funded) by VSO. Yey! We have Maeve, Melania and Drew (current volunteers based in Delhi) to tour us around. And of course, first stop (about 1045-ish), is food!

Queue of locals is actually a good sign for eating places

Again, there is a queue. So, yep. We were hoping it was something good. I mean, the place wouldn't pass the health and sanitation test/permit (even for Philippine standards) but hey, this place is so famous that it has been in Old Delhi for five generations. Amazing, right?!

Looks can be deceiving or Don't judge the book by its cover
are actually very applicable!

The main offering for this "restaurant" is the Parantha, an empanada-looking but with different non-meat stuff inside kind of pastry. But of course, it ain't the only one you'll be eating once in here. Before the actual parantha were laid on the table, we were served curries (what did you expect?!) with vegetables and dal. There's this stuffed roti/chapati as well (mine had dal/yellow lentils in it).

Side dishes only! Beans, potato, banana in syrup, bread with
fillings, and ginisang kalabasa-ish veggie dish.

The place can be quite crowded. Why? Coz it's too small for its following as the parantha tasted so good! I tried the one with banana and raisins and another with banana and cashew. It was so good that I forgot to take a picture of it! :p

Black thing in low-center is my head, I'm at the edge of the place.
Guy in blue (left) and wearing cap is also at the edge. Glass with
milky substance is the lassi, which tasted a bit less yoghurt-ish
and more of coconut shake-ish

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