Thursday, August 2, 2012

A taste of Sri Lanka - almost!

Earlier in May, I was planning on going for a long holiday south of India and then flying to Sri Lanka. I was really excited about it (and so did Cling who sent me an itinerary!) and even thought of traveling together with co-volunteers Rosie and Sue.

Currently, Sue is back in UK or Austria and I am heading somewhere else for the long leave days vacay! Rosie, AFAIK is still traveling to Sri Lanka and maybe we'd meet her in Chennai. I'm traveling south with Juls, another volunteer based in the east!

I was just reminded of all the Sri Lanka preps as I got a Sri Lanka coffee packet/sachet today from the Urban office. I like the chai here and all but coffee is still what my body really craves for! Especially since reviewing Queen Seon Depk eps kept me up late!

However, pani garmi hai kuch Nahin (or something like that) was the response of the admin guy. Meaning, hot water is not available! Ah, I thought today is Sri Lanka coffee day. Hohum. Oh well, like everything else, I'll have to be patient a bit longer. For now, Indian coffee will do! After 2 chai cups, coffee finally! The things is, though it smells different, I can't differentiate the taste anymore!

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