Friday, August 3, 2012

Do not drink this coffee...savour it!

Another reason for CCD moment was because I needed to get a new coffee bag as I have ran out weeks ago and I'm desperately in need of caffeine these days.

One coffee bag is worth Rs 65 for the regular one, more or less for the mild or strong versions. But, a black rectangular tin can with "dark forest" words and design caught my eye and the cashier was so convincing. This is hand-picked coffee madam, he said. And I'm like, OK I'll get that. Didn't even put up a fight! Hahaha

Do not drink this coffee...savour it!

I had it this morning and it's good! I think it was less stronger than I expected but perhaps it's because the water and powder ratio was different. Anyway, I'll try again next time!

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