Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home-cooked idli dosa breakfast goodnes

As part of my website development work, I am currently staying with my boss' family here in Vasai since the 2.5hr (one-way) commute us just impossible.

So, since last night, I have been having home-cooked food courtesy of my boss' wife. Last night's meal was Bhindi (okra/lady finger) sabzi and fal with rice and chapatti. There's also pickled mango (sour ad spicy) and tomato onion salad (tasted like home).

And for this morning, we had idli dosa with green chutney. It's a south Indian dish. Honestly speaking, I am not yet that familiar or accustomed to the taste of idli dosa and chutney. Imagine a puto-looking bread that tastes like it was fermented or something. The green chutney is made of coconut plus other spices, the only one I can identify is garlic. I am not very fond of idli but it was the first time I finished it! So, you know what that meant right?!

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