Thursday, August 9, 2012

More home-cooked goodness from Vasai

7-8 August 2012
I stayed two nights with my boss' family so that meant more home-cooked goodness from Sunila, Raju's wife. She actually got 'mad' at me for not letting her pack the dosa for my lunch when she found out that I had mung dal and thums up for lunch!

So, at night, I feasted on chapatti and rice, with dal, bombil fry (fish) ad a sabzi which I think is bell pepper. The onion and tomato salad is back, with added cucumber!


Arti, their lovely, opinionated and artistic daughter was also really hungry as she dd 't eat out when she went roaming after class!

Hello future Corporate and Human Rights Lawyer!!!
We all had a great dinner and a good sleep thereafter! In the morning, I had aloo parantha! So hot and so yummy! I had it while reading a book on outstanding women in India. I remember what the book said, the only difference between the ordinary and tr extraordinary is 'extra'. Therefore, cheers to all the extras we women have!

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