Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hello South India (video version)

15-21 August 2012

Yep, by some miracle and after cancelling my Goa and Bangalore legs, I managed to get over the malaria scare and book a foreign tourist quota (after getting denied twice!) ticket to Chennai, state of Tamil Nadu, South India!

Chennai Central Railway Station

Actually, Chennai was just a stop, more like a gateway to the real destination--Pondicherry! Now known as Puducherry, this city used to be a French colony way back when. It is famed for its beach road, French cuisine and yes, much cheaper booze!

Bay of Bengal at the Beach Road
Of course, these are very important requirements for a great holiday. But the most important requirement of all is the presence of great company, superbly provided by my co-volunteer and good friend Julie.

We both came to Pondy without knowing much about the place except what was mentioned above and so, we did what we can do best--eat, talk, drink, walk, sleep, snap away, and chill!

Matri Mandir in Auroville -- the quest for Divine Consciousness!

I hope Juls remembers the phrase I shred with her--"Aram se!"-- which can be translated as "relax" or "take it slow" or "just chill". We definitely need to think more about Aram se moments so that we don't get as stressed from placements as we were before we took this vacay!

Anyway, these are just some of the snaps from my cam. THIS IS NOT THE PHOTO POST. Hehehe. This is actually the video post, so below is the playlist I made in YouTube for some clips during the journey. Say hello to South India yourself!


  1. Nice trip, looks like you both enjoyed yourselves and we all need a break half way through!

    1. Thanks Rosie! Twas exactly what Juls and I said -- we all needed a break!


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