Monday, August 27, 2012

Reliving good habits

So yeah, it's confirmed. My rashes were not dengue or malaria-related. Nor is it allergies. Best conclusion, the auto-immune skin disease was a result of stress+sickness+weak immune system put altogether.

While I may not be able to control my stress triggers, I can at least take better care of myself. Ergo, returning to good habits such as sleeping early (I'll try) and eating properly (love this!) to make my "recovery" faster.

Yoghurt with Muesli, Melon and Krackel Choc Bits

And, while it sucks that there's no one to look after me while going through this (it's really tricky to apply the ointment in some areas!), I'm just thankful for the prayers and well wishes of people from afar. And VSO for taking care of the medical expenses. Hihi

Here's to better days!

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