Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My First Tiffin

3 September 2012

Since I got a free tiffin container from my purchase of three soups at big bazaar last Sunday, I decided to prepare a tiffin for my work in Mumbai. And, as I haven't had an egg in the past two weeks, I prepared an omelette, with carrots, potatoes and onions!

Omelette: my first tiffin!
I was so happy when, except for some overflow, I managed to make the egg fold into a perfect empanada-shaped omelette! Of course, the overflow served as breakfast, although it now looked like the Rajie-popularized scramlette! :)

Too bad, I arrived late at the office and lunch time's already over. I would've been able to finally share something I cooked with my colleagues. Although, considering that a number of them are Hindus, the timing was also not correct as Monday is usually veg day for the veg and non-veg eaters. Anyway, next time then! Maybe tomorrow!

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