Friday, March 9, 2012

Sheesh Gumbad at Lodhi Gardens

March 8, 2012

Upon entering Lodhi Gardens, we passed by a bridge and  gate (Islamic-ish) before I beheld the sight of my first Tomb + Monument in India, the Sheesh Gumbad.

(Exact description on the marker): Though similar in shape to the Bada Gumbad, this building is somewhat different in ornamentation. The remains of glazed blue ceramic tiles on the outside give it the name Sheesh Gumbad (glass dome). It is likely that originally, the top half of the exterior was almost entirely covered in tiles. The chamber of this tomb, which measures 10 meters square, contains a number of graves but we are not sure who are the people buried here. Some historians have suggested that this is the tomb of the first Lodi Sultan Bahol Lodi who died in 1489. The ceiling of the dome is decorated with patterns in incised and painted plaster.

My take: It's fascinating. Makes me relive the exploring days at Angkor Wat. I did not enter this one though. I didn't know if it was allowed. Park and place are serene by the way. :) Squirrels all around (just like in that iPod game) and there are a lot of birds! :)

I love bird + monument shots!

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