Friday, March 9, 2012

Defense Buildings and President's Palace

March 8, 2012

After Lodhi Gardens, we kind of started our tour with Uncle Sikh (with the turban). He actually shared some information about these places but I kinda forgot.  Hehe

Defense Building

Two massive defense buildings

The other defense building
From what I can remember, the buildings were built and used during the British rule here in India. And that's all I can recall. Hehehe. I wasn' really listening as attentively as supposed to coz I'm just in awe with it's "massiveness"!
The President's Palace (Rashtrapathi Bhawan)

The President's Palace from the side. See the elephant? :)
I got told off a few seconds after this shot. Apparently, we were supposed to stay and take pics only at the center (ergo previous photo result) and I happen to be on the right hand side. Peace, officers!

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