Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holi, Holi -- it's so Jolly!

March 8, 2012

We started to have colors on our faces and clothes at the India Gate. It was just weird that you know, Indian boys and also Indian families would like to have pictures with me and the others. And when I asked the boys why, the first time they asked to have the photo taken, they just said they wanted it. And we're like, oh, ok!

It was also nice coz the boys asked if we;d like to "play" Holi before actually putting dye powder stuff on our faces. I'm like, yeah sure!

I like this family! The children are just so cute! 

The tuktuk driver's "my Brother's shop"! Tea was great though. And the ladies
ordered/had their Sawakamis tailor-made.
While waiting for the measurements to be done
(photo grabbed from Rosie's blog)

Sue got more than what she asked for when
she said, I want colors!

Just a random stranger who joined in the Holi "play" time after shopping

You see what I mean now when I said that the Holi Festival is such a colorful one?! :) We were lucky that the festival was celebrated while we were in New Delhi. Awesome experience!

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