Friday, April 13, 2012

Delhi 2nd Jazz Fest at Nehru Park

March 17, 2012

So, after all that tomb-raiding, you'd think we probably have no more energy left in our body. Well, yeah. Maybe. But, since we already planned to head out with Chris and Kevin, Julie and I managed to muster enough energy. It's a Jazz Festival and it's free entertainment! What more will you ask for?
Lights lead the way to the event venue within Nehru Park

Play the music for a feel of jazz!

The performance was slated at 6:30. Silly of us to think that it will start late (as it almost always is) or that there are no people yet, we came to the venue at Nehru Park just before the "front act" Delhi Jazz band was finishing their second to the last song. The place was packed!

Blue mats on the floor for those who came early

One of Delhi's popular (based on cheers from the crowd)
jazz bands for their final song

We stayed for most of the full set of the jazz band from Georgia. We were already hungry and there were no nearby places around Nehru Park where we can grab some dinner and return to the Jazz Fest. I enjoyed it though. Really! If only my tummy can endure it any longer...even the biscuits weren't much help!
The Park lighted up in blue hue
I find the lights magical, but even these can't magically make
our hunger disappear

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