Thursday, April 12, 2012

Humayun's Tomb: the west gate

March 17, 2012

After resting in the shades of the trees (I felt the heat exhaustion as well), Julie and I finally went to see the main event of the trip: Humayun's Tomb!

When we passed Isa Khan's tomb (under restoration), we went through another gate before we were mesmerized by the view of Humayun's tomb. We stood there and just gazed at the structure in awe. After seconds of silence, Julie gave her trademark "It's lovely" comment and I started snapping away.

View after passing Isa Khan's Tomb
(path on the right leads to Afsarwala Tomb and Mosque)
From this distance and after passing the entrance gate, we thought that we're already looking at the actual structure (like in the case of Safdarjang). We were wrong. The dome belongs to the Tomb but the facade is actually another gate.

The Towering West Gate
After we were done with the Afsarwala complex (saving the best for last concept), we went left and we entered the actual complex for Emperor Humayun's Tomb through the West Gate. It's a symmetrical structure that has the six-pointed star on top of the main entrance.

A somewhat symmetrical shot too!
(Taken by Julie)
Once we were inside the tomb complex, like above the platform, I noticed another gate which is definitely closed to most people but is not totally shot. I saw three or four people coming in and out of it. Maybe it's a staff gate or for VIPs only.

The West Gate from the inside

The Gate is so Brown and Red so I decided
to bend low and do some acrobatics to add
some color to it! (shot after tomb tour)

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