Thursday, April 12, 2012

Afsarwala Tomb and Mosque: getting into details

March 17, 2012

When we got to the Afsarwala's Tomb and Mosque, I didn't know that it was indeed a tomb and a mosque in the same platform. And, you see, my idea of mosques does not really match Afsarwala's.

Windows, windows, and windows

Anyway, there were several young school boys pottering about the platform in an "I'm on a field trip" manner.  They were saying hello, beaming with smiles and all. One of them actually asked my name after I asked his. And he said, "Aap ka naam achha hai". It took a second or two before the translation or decoding happened in my head. The boy was saying that I have a good name. :)

The ceiling's badly dilapidated but you can still see remnants
of the previous design in the center

Anyway, so, I went through one of the side entrances of the bigger building, which I later realized to be the mosque. I think at this point, Julie already darted (hehe, not really) for the comfort of the trees' shade while I was checking out the interior of the mosque and tomb.

Middle gate, view from the inside
I had to stop myself as I was taking photos. I actually wanted to zoom in for a photo of an Indian family, wearing white sarees and salwar kamees (I feel like they're having some kind of pre-nup photos). Maybe I could have asked but then again...oh well. More opportunities to come I hope!  

The Afsarwala's Tomb (four entrance gates)
By the time I got to the tomb, the guard was explaining something to three Caucasian visitors of the tomb. I was trying to catch up but I did not really get what he was talking about already. Sorry bout that! :)

Three tombs of officers (must be Generals
or VIPs or valiant soldiers)
The tombs are made of marble (at least that's what my limited knowledge of stones is capable of coming up with) and are spaced not so far apart from each other. The guard was probably explaining which among the tombs occupied the building first.

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