Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Safdarjung Tomb: from the outside looking in

March 17, 2012

Build in 1754 following the late Mughal Empire architectural style, Safdarjung's Tomb has also been described as "the last flicker in the lamp of Mughal Architecture.

 closer look at the dome

One of the entrance stairs

I think the ceiling (entrance area) is kinda damaged
The tomb was built for Safdarjung (duh!), the powerful Prime Minister of India during the reign of Emperor Muhamad Shah (described as weak). Spelling-wise, I think both Safdarjang's Tomb or Safdarjung's Tomb are used. Perhaps it depends from where you're coming from.

Symmetrical ceilings and spaces
(east side = west side; north side = south side)
Octagonal towers, which I think are signature designs of the Mughal Empire, are in the corners.

Visitors can't really go higher than the tomb chamber

Silhouette emo mode (Taken by Julie)
After walking around and snapping photos, Julie and I decided to stay by one of the side stairs (since not so many people pass that way) to just feel and enjoy the ambiance (aka peaceful and lovely). Julie was the first to sit so she was reading a travel guide (perhaps trying to figure out where Humayun's Tomb is) by the time I was done with my shots. We just sat there for some minutes, chatted and ate (biscuits and banana!) before we set off to the right direction leading to Humayun's tomb.

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