Monday, April 16, 2012

Love Intoxication Exhibit at India Habitat Center

March 17, 2012

So, after the Jazz Festival, we headed to our home base area, Lodhi Colony. We stopped at the India Habitat Center as Julie (or was it Chris) wanted to withdraw some money before heading for dinner. So, while they do that, me and Kevin went for the on-going art exhibition (free to enter!) dubbed Love Intoxication.

The Love Intoxication Exhibit is the 7th solo exhibit of Ankur Rana. The Love Intoxication painting exhibit, held at the Open Palm Gallery of the India Habitat Center, depicted images of love in many forms, often concentrating (in my non-artist opinion) on the woman.

Below is the foreword/introduction in the painting catalog which now serves as a design in my office desktop:

Can you see? (right side!) There are many paintings inside
so I change the main page in view every now and then :)
A very common connotation associated with love is ‘falling in love’. But it is amazing paradox that when we ‘fall’ in love we actually ‘rise’ in life. The pristine power of love changes the world around you and redefines your otherwise mundane existence. Its power is comparable to a divine healing touch, a revival of the soul. As humans we are flawed and we contain ourselves in shackles. But when love takes over, the shackles unbind all by itself, the spirit is emancipated. A woman’s power can transform a man’s life for the better. In a woman’s love a man is motivated to be a better man, to transform his life, to go that extra mile and to chase those ambitions which he otherwise wouldn’t. That is the power of a woman’s love and that is the inspiration of the following series of work which is aptly titled – “Rising in Love” , also my art concept.

In my present series of work , my man and woman in my artworks are in love .the expressions and jesters on face of woman are actually can depict that she is falling , or actually in my words ’rising in love”. My woman is in love hangover. You can say I am showcasing the after-effects of love. I am trying to capture or freeze that beautiful and rare feeling which comes in everybody’s life for a very short span of time when he or she is in love.

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