Monday, April 16, 2012

First Alone Time

March 19, 2012

Well, my skin's allergic reaction was getting worse. The tablet and the cream, originally prescribed by the doctor for my neck allergy, was working. I was sure of it since my neck and collarbone area has shown signs of improvement. Unfortunately, I started having rashes on my arms and legs as well.

First Prescription
The suspected culprits:
1. Side effect of the allergy tablet and cream
2. Adjustment to change in water (shower) and climate (cold temp, hot sun)
3. From the food (NOOO!)

I have previously sent photos of the affected areas (of course I am not showing here!) to Dr. Hazuria, VSO's Medical Adviser and listed doctor in Delhi. We have agreed that I'll head to his clinic/residence at 530PM. I was advised by Manmadha ji to leave ISI for RK Puram at 430pm to make it to my appointment. So, at 430, I set out, on my own, to Sai Baba temple area and get myself an auto.

I was also advised that the rate from Sai Baba to RK Puuram will be between 60-80, I was haggling with the auto driver. The other one agreed to run the meter but a few meters away, he changed his mind and said 80 rupees. I said, "Nahi. Sixty rupiye." He was bargaining, up to 70, but I was firm. In the end, I got down from the auto and walked for about 250m before another free auto passed by. I said, "meter chalao?" He then did the head bob thing with a poker face on so it took me three seconds to realize that he was 'saying', Ok/Fine. :p 

Is there something wrong with this picture?!
Nothing really but this was weird at first since Philippine cars
always kept to the right and it's the opposite here.
At that moment, being able to negotiate and travel by myself for the first time felt really empowering for me. And, I mean, I argued with the driver in a mix of Hindi and English! Hahaha. :p

Anyway, I was dropped at Sector 12 when I should have gone to Sector 13 (paid Rs. 52). The problem was that there is no near roundabout for him to go around and head for Sector 12. So, I had to get down and he was telling me to cross. The image of EDSA signboards saying "Bawal tumawid. May namatay na dito" flashed on my mind!

Good thing I asked an elderly lady (who was wearing eyeglasses, which gave me a feeling that she's knowledgeable OR at least middle class ERGO she can understand English--stereotypical and judgmental me. sorry!) who pointed me to the nearest overpass (usually called skywalk here) and gave me some instructions to find the doctor's clinic/house.

I think this is a posh area

 After crossing and asking people twice, I finally found the doctor's place, a 4-story (?) building with the basement serving as clinic. In fairness to the clinic, decorated with art! And the house (exterior) looked sosyal as well! :p

The doctor saw me after the current patient and asked me to show him my rashes (legs and arms). I was prepared, I wore a loose fabric bottom (almost like a skirt) so I pulled it up instead of pulling it down. He already saw it in the email so he touched/felt the rashes in the thighs and arms and even used magnifying glasses. He asked me what I was taking (as in meds) and applying to my skin. Since I am sometimes a girl scout, I brought everything with me: the moisturizing lotion and the allergy tablet and cream.

He thinks it was just a reaction to the heat, both from the sun and food. So, I was advised to wear long sleeved tops and long bottoms as well as to avoid spicy foods (almost impossible in India) and even coffee and tea!

After the consultation, I flagged down another auto and asked for him to take me to Lodhi Gardens. At 530, which was my appointment time, I was already strolling and exploring the tomb I saw the other day during my run with Amanda. :)

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