Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Muhammad Shah Sayyid's Tomb at Lodhi Gardens

March 19, 2012

Since my doctor's appointment was concluded earlier than I expected, I decided to stop at Lodhi Gardens to check out the tomb that Amanda and I passed by while jogging.

Muhammad Shah Sayyid's Tomb

The following description is the inscription in the epitaph (?) or signage by the tomb:

Mohammad Shah belonged to the Sayyid dynasty which reigned from 1414-51. The Sayyids ruled for a short period and over shrunken territories. Therefore, they had neither the time nor the money to build grand cities or palaces. Of the few architectural remains of the period is this tomb of the third Sayyid ruler, who ruled from 1434-44.

The flowers around the garden provide life and color to the tomb

It has some distinctive features of its time--an octagonal plan, corner buttresses, decorative plasted finish, corbelled doorways and chhatris (pavilions) on the roof.

The columns seem really strong even if it's so old.
I wonder whether it was reinforced or restored recently

Birds all over the roof and pavilions

The central chamber, which has a diameter of about 15 meters, contains several graves.

Inside the tomb (birds are here too!)

Of which, the central one is believed to be that of Mohammad Shah and the others belong to members of his family.

May they rest in peace...

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