Thursday, May 24, 2012

VSO Party for March 2012 Volunteers

March 21, 2012

It's not a welcome or a farewell but it is a party, nonetheless!
Bouganvilla at Delhi spring time

VSO India threw a party for the new batch of volunteers, US! The party was held on the rooftop of the VSO building and you can probably tell by our attire and body languages that it is freakin cold!

Shiver! :p
Volunteers based in Delhi joined the VSO staff in making us feel welcomed and shared their experiences while volunteering in India.

with Rose, a Filipina co-volunteer
It was the most wholesome party I attended--in the sense that there was no alcohol served. Hehehe. The "poison" to choose from are juices and soft drinks. Food was overflowing of course!

Chicken Curry


Butter Chicken???
Rice (steamed)

Fruit salad (lasang Pinoy!)
The lack of alcohol didn't stop us (especially these three groovy folks) from dancing and singing!

dancing to the beat of bollywood hits

singing a song (started by Katie, Vol Comm President!) about
who's heart was taken by just one look of another
(or something like that)

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