Thursday, May 24, 2012

McDo Aloo Tikki

March 23, 2012

The next morning, we didn't have a class with Seetha ji since she's prepping for the dance performance in the evening. So, I went to Nehru Place with Rosie and Julie to shop for some more electronics and techie stuff.

While on the way to the shopping area, I saw the poster of John Carter and since I haven't tried watching a movie in Delhi, I thought this might be a good chance. So I got myself a 3D cinema ticket (the two didn't watch) for Rs. 350. I'm like, ouch! But it's ok, in exchange of the experience. :p

After the movie (sorry, no cameras allowed in the cinema house, even while not yet inside the theatre itself), I got hungry so I decided to check out McDo and I ordered aloo tikki! It's my first ever Indian fastfood meal. You can liken aloo tikki to burger McDo, in terms of price and popularity. :)

What could be inside?!

Oh. Now I know why they're falling for it!

The patty is made of potato (doh, aloo tikki!) and then, some onions and vegetables are added, with some sauce/spread. In fairness, masarap naman!

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