Thursday, May 24, 2012

Afghan Darbar (second serving!)

March 22, 2012

Since we didn't get to have the spinach dish that was being raved about during our first visit at Afghan Darbar, we decided to head to the place again after shopping for kurtas and dried fruits and nuts.

Sold Out goods!
Unlike our first trip to Lajpat Nagar where Katie and Drew were there to guide us through, we had no idea (though we thought we had) where Afghan Darbar is. We tried asking someone for the Afghan restaurant (since we didn't know what it's name was) and he gave us directions. Great right?! We ended up in a different Afghan restaurant!

The other Afghan restaurant

We didn't know there were two Afghan restaurants in Lajpat Nagar! Then I remembered, I have a photo of Afghan Darbar's menu/ Kevin then asked guys from the next door bakery/pastry place and they said Afghan Darbar and the other restaurant is actually has the same owner!

It would've been easy just to stay here and eat right?! But no. We want to go to Afghan Darbar. So we went inside the restaurant came up with a story that we need to go to Afghan Darbar because we are supposed to be meeting someone there. Then the one who runs the place said one of the crew will take us there. Awesome!

Afghan Darbar, finally!
When we got to Afghan Darbar, the first order of the night was to...order. Hehe :D

Spinach (with corn and tomato). It was good.
But not super good, for me at least.

The aubergine (eggplant) returns! With dahi
and mint (?) drizzle
Vegetable Dumplings with corn, dahi and mint (?)

The bread also returns! The rice came with a chicken dish that
we didn't order. Of course, it was in the bill too!
I think the getting lost part was just the way to make us hungry and enjoy the goodness of eating at Afghan Darbar!

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