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Bodh Gaya: the journey to Nirvana

30 September 2012

Ok. Actually, I just can't think of an apt title at this moment that I am writing this. Hahaha :) But, yeah, you can pretty much say that this post indeed is about the journey of Buddha, not necessarily into Nirvana but in the achievement of enlightenment. Also, this will be about the journey of me, Juls and Amanda as we tried to understand what Buddhism is and how it has began here in India.

my favorite of the snaps at Bodh Gaya:
the "pilgrims" with the Giant Buddha

So, to take you on our own journey to Bodh Gaya, from the 2nd morning in the 30-hour train journey (I look, uhm, not video-worthy. hahaha) from Mumbai to Bihar, from train station in Gaya to Bodh Gaya village, to the Mahabodhi temple, Giant Buddha and meditation garden, here's some video clips I have taken and select photos. I hope these clips will give you a chance to experience Bodh Gaya, even just on a visual and virtual tour. Enjoy!

Mahabodhi Temple

The Buddha Statue in the main Mahabodhi Temple

Bodhi Tree at Night

enlarged foot print of Buddha, also serves as offering area

Bodh Gaya is Amanda's Taj Mahal (meaning,
this is the place she really wanted to go in India)

I wonder what Juls was thinking here

Butter Lamp candles are lit every night

it's the full moon puja
about 9pm, almost closing time

Proof of Presence! :)

Our Haven at Be Happy Cafe (in front of the Vietnamese Temple)

Buddhist chimes and other accessories and ornaments for sale everywhere

Bangladesh Buddhist Monastery in Bodh Gaya

Bhutanese Buddhist Temple at Bodh Gaya
according to Amanda, this looks like a scene in a Bollywood film
where the kids are about to burst into dance! (photo by Juls)

Tibetan Buddhist Temple at Bodh Gaya

Side Close-up View of the Tibetan Buddhist Temple
Thai Temple

Vertical Panorama inside the Thai Temple

Long but disciplined queue in the early evening

A collective of Monks meditating for a cause at Mahabodhi Temple

monks praying at the Bodhi tree
female monks (the one in white was praying while walking
and the one in yellow was sitting and meditating)

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