Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lost ticket scare

This morning, I was losing my mind as I frantically searched for my train tickets for the East India vacay! How can someone lose five tickets being showed off at Skype just two nights before?! The answer: forgetfulness blamed on stress and lack of sleep!

Ok, ok. Erase the stress part. My stress levels, I believe, is gradually going down as I have completed most of my tasks for YUVA Urban and for VSO and I have already secured my tickets for the five inter-state trains spanning thousands of kilometers and tens of hours on a non-ac sleeper class triple bunk. As Amanda commented on the Indian Rail system, "I'm just so amazed that it works!"

There were a lot of difficulties involved in securing these tickets--almost begging at the counters for foreign tourist quota ticket, persuading my line manager to agree that I can take the leave if I complete my tasks, and finding the money to buy the tickets.

Sometimes, especially today, I am having this feeling that these difficulties are happening because for some unknown reason, I am being prevented by some unknown force to not go on this trip. But, just like today, I would go to any lengths to be able to go. If I am not that determined, how else can I explain the frustration I wasn't able to hide when my colleague can't understand my question about my dustbin. (Sorry Daks!) Or the fact that I sifted through garbage in the makeshift dump site thinking that I may have accidentally thrown my tickets away?!

Yes, I did that. (Thank God it was on top of dried leaves and I separated the wet and the dry rubbish when I throw in my room's dustbin.) I also turned almost the entirety of my room upside down (thrice) thinking it must be on one of the loose papers and tickets lying around or hidden in the bags.

And yes, Bharat, my other colleague was right. It couldn't possibly be in the dustbin and must be somewhere where I have kept it properly. The question is where?!!! On the third attempt, and after taking out all contents of the bags I was planning to use, I saw the light. Errr, the zipper of the hidden pocket of my big pack. And yes, it was there. The five freaking tickets were there.

Feeling humiliated (the housekeeping staff who saw me stomp my way from the dumpsite to the center and saw my room in total disarray and heard my cry of triumph and relief) and victorious at the same time, my tickets secured, I repacked my bags and arranged my room (somehow!), left the centre and looked forward to a great East India holiday!

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