Thursday, October 18, 2012

I sooooo love bus commuting

Three hours after I left the centre, I am still sitting on a bus, traveling. In days like this, I miss the overcrowded and dilapidated killer buses ruling EDSA in Metro Manila. For the simple reason that they are available in multitudes, almost 24/7.

It was the first time that I have taken an AC bus from Kharghar to, well at least I though I was heading to, Dadar. After almost an hour's waiting at the train station for the CST-bound train that never arrived, I decided to catch the bus. I actually wanted to take the Thane-bound train then catch a fast rain to Dadar but was advised by colleagues not to do so.

Outside the station, along the highway, I stood for about 15minutes under the scorching sun while putting my travel fate in the hands of a young man who promised to tell me once the Dadar-bound bus stops. You see, the buses almost always have the destination and bus number written in Hindi or Marathi script. So yeah, now I really feel like si should at least learn how to read the number script.

After what seemed like an eternity, an AC bus finally came bearing the number 123 and is bound for Borivali. The guy said just to catch the AC bus then transfer to another one once we get to Vashi (a major node that's nearest to Mumbai). So we went. i sat comfortably with three gurls, two students and one working, who's more anxious to get to her office than I did.

I was separated from the young man but at Vashi depot, he motioned for me to get down. He also showed me where I should get the next bus. My friend who lives in Vashi gave me instructions of which bus to take but again with the number script ad even after I asked several commuters including broken Hindi conversations with conductors, I am lost. Kill me now, I remarked.

And then, I saw someone I know, a couchsurfer from Belapur (next to Kharghar) whom I have met four months back. He took me to the correct bus stand and patiently waited for about half an hour with me to make sure that I take the correct bus.

So now, I am sitting on this non-Ac bus hoping that I will recognize my stop when I finally get there. Really, I sooooo love bus commuting.

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