Friday, October 12, 2012

Stress Attack like five years back

While I was lying on the mat thrown over the conference room floor and everyone surrounding me while massaging my numbing limbs, feeding me biscuits and making me drink sweet an salty water all the while telling me to relax, all I can think about was the scene more than five years ago when I have suffered from the same, uhm, condition.

Back then, the stress and lack of sleep and a more or less blatant disregard for meal timings was due to an unfinished undergraduate thesis and woes of college and org life. Today, it was mainly due to worries about my tasks at hand, which I need to complete if I dared dream of a long Eastern holiday next week, coupled with tiredness from the almost daily 3-hour journey to an from my Mumbai office and my place in its neighboring twin city. Maybe it's also because of the hassle and also partly due to again, an almost blatant disregard for eating on time and healthily.

As I lay numb on the floor and tears streaming down my face involuntarily, and after some time, out of anxiety and even embarrassment as my colleagues and managers did everything they can to respond to my instructions on how my condition was handled in the past, I wished for Goa (as they said) or for Kolkatta (where I wanted to be), or for my mom (as I cried out for help from afar), but all I kept seeing was my brods and disses huddled over me, massaging almost every inch of my body. I can barely remember the scene (with only my pink sweater standing out) and the memory seemed to be playing in a slow motion, the same way that everything that just happened now is looking and feeling like.

It made me realize, that though I am far away from home, there are people go are looking out for me. They may not be my family or friends, brothers and sisters from my organisation but they are, nonetheless, my bhais and didis. though the only thing connecting most of us are the work we do together, they are willing to lend a hand and go the extra mile to ensure I'm going to be fine.

And for this, I am grateful.

water soluble Glucon-D for instant energy
and an assortment of medicines (which I don't know)
for my diagnosis: stress and lack of sleep!

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