Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vitamin C overload

Weather in Bombay has been very weird recently. From what was dubbed as the worst monsoon season to an abrupt change towards higher temp and humidity, everyone thought the rain's almost over.

I left Mumbai on a rather hot evening as I made my way to an even hotter Bihar morning 30 hours after. With the unforgiving heat in Bodh Gaya and a more understanding Varanasi weather, I thought my body will adjust well upon my return to a supposedly hot and humid Bombay. While on the way though through rural Maharashtra, the wind was cool and there was even mist from the rain that has just abated. While it was a pleasant train journey, what I was more concerned of is how my body would react. True enough,y fear was not unfounded as the next day, I started sneezing and coughing.

Well, actually, it wasn't just me. As the wearer has been erratic ie. rain then heat then more rain then hotter heat, pretty much half of the office are exchanging dry cough sounds. I guess coupled with a still weak immune system, I am more susceptible than the rest of the team.

My friend Leah also suffered from the same and despite a liter of mango juice among other things she might have taken, still had to call for a sick day. Unfortunately, a sick day, while available for me, is not something I can afford at the moment, given the number of tasks at hand if I want to get to West Bengal and Orissa in the next few days. Therefore, I have resolved to do what I think is the best possible option--vitamin c overload!!!
"mitha orange hai (sweet oranges)" yells the sellers on the train
(as in inside) and at the station (as in sidewalks) for oranges.
grabbed a half-kg pile for 10 rupees on my way home last night

From fruits to juices to vitamin supplements and whatever else is possible, I have increased my intake by almost twice as I normally have. I hope this will do the trick!!!

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