Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thai Food goodness after a stressful day

July 22, 2012

I was having a really bad day while heading home from work in Mumbai. It was fortunate that my friend Sanjana, a former YUVA volunteer and intern, whom I haven't seen since forever was also not in the mood to cook and is reaching Kharghar just a few minutes ahead of me. To top it off, she lives near the Little World and Hiranandani central areas.

We met at the newly opened Arcee electronics store near Little World. I was inside because 1) I was looking for a Blackberry (thinking of getting one) and 2) Because I don't want to stay outside. Hehehe :D

She followed me in and was on the lookout for a fridge. I'm really happy for her coz she's on the way of furnishing her 2-bedroom flat! Yey! She really loves to cook so it's good for her too! Anyway, after that, we decided to head to The Cinnamon Tree, a restaurant nearby. We've had dinner once at The Cinnamon Tree before and wanted to eat there again yesterday.

We had the Tum Yum soup since it is another rainy night and Sanjana wanted to eat something really spicy. I thought the Tum Yum soup would be good since whenever I had it in Philippines or in Kota Kinabalu (I can't remember having it in Bangkok or Phuket), I always end up crying and sniffing! The soup would be "not spicy at all" based on Sanjana's standards (she mad a "bland" chicken curry once for me to be able to eat it but seriously, it WAS NOT BLAND at all!) but is borderline spicy for me! The soup had chicken bits, prawn paste, young corn, corn kernels, carrots and coriander. At least these are the ones I can identify. :)

Next stop is the chicken Thai curry. We asked what was the difference between the Red, Yellow and Green. Apparently, green would be the spiciest so you now know why that color was chosen! It's basically curry with coconut milk and big slices of red and yellow pepper plus mushrooms (it's the color of shitake but the shape of the canned mushrooms). The veg fried rice is the simplest one in the menu and it was a good balancing act for all the spiciness! :)

Just before we finished eating, Hridesh, my friend from CS arrived and joined us. He was fasting though. Didn't even drink a single drop of water. Tsk tsk. Sravan, my CS neighbor in Kharghar lives nearby and joined us too! The conversation turned from the Revdanda weekend to States of origin (south and north!) to CouchSurfing to Gandhi ji, and to pressure from their parents to get married, as in arranged ones! Ah, the things we can discuss over food!

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