Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tag Along Beach and Foothills Weekend - Kashid Beach, Alibaug

July 21-22, 2012

After having a wonderful lunch and having the adrenaline be used up from our system, we needed another boost and we decided to head for the beach. YEY!!!

Beach Ready!
The Kashid Beach is about 15-20 minutes by car from the Hillshore Bungalows area where we stayed. It's not really Boracay-ish or El Nido-ish but I was excited nonetheless!

Uber wide shoreline with fine grey-ish sand

this must have been a lovelier sight with sunset (it was gloomy/rainy)
still dry and ready to party with Kashid waves
jump shot, of course!

The waves at Kashid are really strong. It's also probably because it was already high tide when we got there late in the afternoon. The waves weren't scary though. It actually made it more fun!

Kashid Waves at Sunset

Sravan "the wall" Kumar VERSUS the waves!

If we hold on, together...

Bring. It. On!!!

After a lot of play time, we decided to just hang and chill. Of course, as I am in  beach where there's only sand, sea and sky, I took the time to be alone to do some soul searching. And yes, a little bit of camwhoring too!

in my most conservative attire in the recent beach years
The other side...more shoreline!

All in all, the few hours spent on the beach were indeed hours well spent! It was really fun and refreshing -- a much needed break from the urban jungle!

Happy beachers!

Vijay and Neelima, a couple about to celebrate their first year of marriage, has shown me that indeed, arranged marriages can work. AWESOME!
The writing on the sand (I Love [heart with N and V initial]) U
is kinda cheesy but I really liked it!

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