Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tag Along Beach and Foothills Weekend - Journey to Revdanda

July 21-22, 2012

Sravan, my CS neighbor and friend, called me up on Thursday asking me if I wanted to join him and his colleagues for their company outing. Since they've already booked the place, cars and all, it will be a shame to not put it into use and not have fun on the weekend. As my social calendar had no entry yet on those days, of course I said yes!

Kashid Beach, Alibaug, Maharashtra

We started the journey from Sravan's place, where Leah (French-Canadian CSer teaching French and Math at an international school in Panvel), Shephali (another CSer based in South Mumbai) and I spent the night after watching The Dark Knight Rises (in colloquial Indian: it was too good, yaar!).

On Booze Duty
Unfortunately, Sravan (and I!) didn't realize early on that Leah does not have work during the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month so he wasn't able to invite her early on. Would've been more fun! Also heading with us is Gargi, Sravan's new colleague who's staying with him in the meantime.

After heading out, we picked up Vijay and Neelima, Sravan's colleagues, before heading to Belapur to meet Sravan's boss Joseph (a Syrian Catholic!) and colleague Shrenik. We had breakfast at a pure veg south Indian restaurant and had Idliwala, a staple South Indian breakfast!

Idliwala (idli looks like puto and wala looks like a fried donut.
However, tastes and ingredients are very different!)
After breakfast, we took off. It was explained that we're heading to Revdanda via the longer route, the one passing by the Roha forest-ish area.

Carmates: Shephali, Sravan, Shrenik and Gargi

Temple near the train crossing stop
We stopped by somewhere in the middle of the 35km stretch. Of course, it was a perfect photo opp!

It's so green!

Nice [wrong] shot Bhai! 
After the stop, we proceeded towards Revdanda while still taking in the sights of the countryside or so-called "villages".

Paddy field and mountains...I miss!
The total journey lasted about 4-5hrs as it was the longer route. Quite long by my standards! It was good though, for city people like us, to enjoy the greenery. It is a really good chance to travel around Maharashtra in this monsoon season!

Resting after a long journey!

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