Monday, May 28, 2012

Ugadi Festival - Vani Ki Vandanam

March 23, 2012

Vani Ki Vandanam is an invocatory dance in which the dancers welcome the audience to watch the Nritya Pradarsanam or dance performance of the evening.

First Pose

According to Natya Sastra, any of the preceding deities of the Indian mythology can be prayed to before commencing a stage performance.

Here, Goddess Saraswati, the consort of Lord Brahma, is bowed down to. She is the goddess of knowledge, and education and holds a pen in one hand and book in another. She also sits over a huge lotus flower. She is the goddess of all arts and loves to play her Veena, the Vipanchi.

Last Pose

This song has been written and choreographed by Guru Smt. Seetha Nagajothy and composed with Dr. Rupa. Set to Ragamalika and Adi Talam Vani ki Vandanam. Full recording below. :)

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