Monday, May 28, 2012

Ugadi Festival - Curtain Call and After Party

March 23, 2012

So, as if the dance performances were not a treat enough for us, we got invited to the after performance dinner too! But before that, photo opp first with Abhinaya, Seetha ji, and Mr. Nagajothy.

Photo opp! Kevin's not in photo since he was the one who took this.
(Abhinaya found my dupatta/scarf pretty. Explained that I wore it for
the occasion. Design had the Apsaras, the traditional dancers of Cambodia)

I was actually wanting to grab the sitar coz I find it so cool. Had to restrain myself for that one. :) After taking the photos, we were then ushered in for dinner. There were two room options: 1) the hall where you get food buffet style and eat on the floor or 2) the hall where they serve you food in tables through banana leaves.

Hall 1: Buffet style and eat on the floor (conventional Indian dining)

Hall 2: Sit by the table and eat from banana leaves
(traditional celebratory/feast dining?)
(Again, these photos were stolen from Kevin's blog.
I think I snapped these too!)
Both were interesting choices but we went with Hall 1. I think simply because the line was shorter! Aap sab bhook lagi hain! (We were all hungry!)

All in all, the Tamil New Year celebration, even without the fireworks I'm used to, was really amazing--culturally and gastronomically! :)

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