Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hygienic Restaurant at Old Delhi

March 24, 2012

All that walking and basking (aka burning) in the sun made us hungry. Actually, thirsty at first but later on, hunger kicked in as we saw the menu on this "hygienic" restaurant.

Chinese Thali of some sort: chow mein, manchurian balls,
veg fried rice, and chili paneer

The place is a bit further down the Lal Mandir and Gauri Shankar, crossing to the opposite lane. Seriously, you can immediately see it if you try looking for a restaurant with the sign "hygienic". I really can't remember the name. Sorry. :(

Rosie's pick: I think this is the special thali with rice, naan, roti and some curries
It may sound funny at first but really, getting a bad tummy is a lot worse. :p The place was clean and the food was nice. There's AC too!

Kevin's choice: Is this the chicken tandoori or paneer something?
Price-wise, you can say that it's reasonable. Value for money. :) It's not cheaper than Ganesh's restaurant near ISI but it's not as expensive as the ones at Khan Market either. Serving was big as well. Tried my best to finish the food on my thali and I swear I was bloated after achieving that feat!

The Menu

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