Monday, May 28, 2012

Ugadi Festival - Brindavani Thillana

March 23, 2012

For the finale, the group performed the famous Brindavani Thillana.

The opening pose. The most dramatic entrance of the night!

Brindavani Thillana explores the technical side of Kuchipudi that involves only the Nritta or pure dance of Kuchipudi.

I wonder what kind of discipline is required to be able to dance like these graceful Nritas!

The dancers themselves recited Jathis in all five jaathis while balancing themselves on the rim of a brass plate and balancing chembu (brass pot filled with water).

Brass plate, check. Chembu, check!

This really must have hurt!
(this and above photo were stolen from Kevin's blog.
I think I was the one who snapped these though)

See the balancing act, live!

At the end of the performance, they poured the water from the chemburinto the brass plate. Either as a proof of difficulty or as an offer of praise

This is a composition by Dr. Balamurali Krishna. Set to Aadi talam ad Brindavani ragam, it is choreographed by Guru Smt. Seetha Nagajothy. Full recording below:

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