Monday, May 28, 2012

Ugadi Festival - Adivo

March 23, 2012

This is a kirtanam by Annamayya. Despite the rigorous religious period he lived in, he was the first from his time to oppose superstitions and caste differences in his poetry and he mainly composed songs that were spiritual.

The formations look like the real statues of deities

It is a popular song amongst his Bhaktas which praises Lord Venkateshwara.

The dance was performed by all the dancers except Abhinaya. They are Nritya Paripoorna Shivani Perumal, Nritya Paripoorna Sri Veena Mani, Ms. Subrabhi S. Nath, Ms. Swati Hedge, Ms. Adya Gupta, and Ms. Bhavya Gupta.

I think Alamelu Manga was kinda caressing Lord Venkateshwara here ;p

Ms. Akriti Aggarawal and Ms. Jahnavi Chava performed as the Lord Venkateshwara and Alamelu Manga.

They were really good with the formations

Adivo is set to Aarabhi ragam and Adi talam. Full recording below:

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