Friday, January 18, 2013

Cafe Monza at Kharghar

I was gone from Kharghar for about two months and when I came back, several developments have happened here - Cafe Monza being one.

Last night, as I was feeling bored to death, I decided to go out for dinner and some grocery shopping. Since Cafe Monza is just nearby YUVA Centre and across the Little World Mall, I thought I'd give it a try. (Of course!)
Menu is mostly intercontinental, like Indo-Western fusion
Breakfast (starting 20th Jan), Lunch and Dinner are served,
as well as snacks, pastries, coffee, hot and cold beverages and dessert!
The cafe had a nice ambience: it gave me a diner-ish, Mexican-ish, and galleria-ish appeal. I am obviously not a restaurant ambiance critic so I am just telling you how I felt at the time. :)

The music that was playing was Avril Lavigne's (I realize, I haven't heard her in months!) mellow/soft rock songs. There's a massive flat screen TV up on the wall, catering to both the diners at the ground floor and at the loft, where I chose to sit for photo reasons. :)

There are also al fresco (although I don't know if the air is so fresh!) seating arrangements outside, I think mostly for coffee-sipping cigarette (or chillum?!)-smoking customers.

The waiters are also nice and congenial. They speak English too, so that sold me already. :) They're wearing white shirts and green aprons (looks like the theme of Cafe Monza) over black trousers and shoes. They're looking really professional as they greet you by the door.

Anyway, enough about the place. Since service was fast, maybe also due to the not-so-many customers (newly-opened), I put my book down and enjoyed my Cafe Monza dinner! YUM!

I had a full iced latte (half at Rs 75, full at Rs 99) to start with. The full glass is, well, full! It's not very coffee-ish, I mean not so strong. Perhaps due to the milk and the foamy whipped cream or something.

Then, my actual food was served - grilled vegetable panini (Rs 115) which also came with chips (aka fries), something which was not mentioned in the menu. But hey, I'm not complaining! :) It was seasoned ok. But, since my palate has been used to the spice explosion from Indian food, I needed to put some tabasco hot sauce with it!

To finish my so-far-so-good meal, and to celebrate my friend Laiah's birthday (Nanak, this is my excuse! Pagbigyan mo na!), I tried the blueberry cheesecake. Recommended by the waiter as well by saying that they are getting good responses for this dessert. It was good, actually. 

My only problem with is was that I thought there was too much blueberry sauce in it. Apart from the one on top, there's also another layer of blueberries and sauce at the middle section. It's like a layered blueberry cheesecake! Well, of course, this didn't really stop me from finishing it off!

All in all, I'd give Cafe Monza 8.5/10. Oh wait, make that 9/10 for Cafe Monza for they have clean washrooms, tax-free food, and free candy that came with the bill!

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